Loop Tapes

Loop Tapes

All loop tapes are made of polyester high-fast and reinforced by aramid/kevlar. They have an artificial folding point for excellent pleating. They are available in spin-dyed colors black and gray.

Pitch: 60mm and 80mm | Loop: 6.5mm
Longitudinal spar: 3.6 * 1.6 mm
Elongation(5N / 50N): < 0.5% | Shrinkage(10 minutes boiling water): < 0.5%

Premium Loop Tape

This special type of loop tape was developed to guarantee best folding results. The tape is reinforced by a high ammount of aramid/kevlar and is therefore extremely tear proof. Also shrinkage and elongation values are optimized. The premium loop tape was designed to ensure that the tape does not get between the slats.

Pitch: 60mm and 80mm | Loop: 9mm
Longitudinal spar: 4.2 * 2.0 mm
Elongation(5N / 50N): < 0.3% | Shrinkage(10 minutes boiling water): < 0.3%